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The Opera Studio Beckmann (OSB) was created at the request of the Beckmann family, who seek to give back to Tequila and the to world, the cultural and natural abundance of the Mexican Agave area and especially, the Magical Town of Tequila. The OSB currently provides the best vocal training in the central area of ​​the country. With the participation of guest professors from the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States who teach classes in the different musical disciplines offered by the OSB. It also seeks to collaborate with the professionalisation of singers from Mexico and the world, offering teaching and learning experiences in order to obtain a competitive level worldwide. We aim to guide our artists to an international projection, giving them the training and support so that they may achieve an operatic career all around the world.

We believe that music can transform lives and we seek to provide each Mexican person with the opportunity to get closer, appreciate and enjoy this beautiful musical genre, witnessing the great changes that music generates in our lives.

Since its foundation, the Opera Studio Beckmann has developed different programs and projects for the development and dissemination of opera in Mexico. Recitals, opera productions, symphonic gala concerts, oratorio concerts and master classes and individual classes are some of the activities which regularly take place. From specialised opera workshops taught by the most recognised teachers in the world, programs in conjunction with Maestros of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, to symphonic workshops taught by renowned instrumentalists from various conservatories in the United States and Europe.

Virtual Venue: OLYMPUS

We have combined technology and ingenuity to create the first digital platform for opera, OLYMPUS. Connect throughout our virtual environment, whilst maintaining the human interaction, collaboration, learning and enjoyment of musical performances, classes and conferences in 3D.

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