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“I was born in Granada, on July 31st, 1973, a century ago now, and crying non-stop even at the Baptism… that’s what my mother says. Since my childhood, music has been my great companion, Julio Iglesias and Los Panchos, who played on an old record player belonging to my parents, are my first memories… Also Rumba Tres, Iva Zanicchi, Carlos Gardel and many others, who made me the inveterate romantic I have been for many years of my life”.

My relationship with Classical music, comes very late and by chance… at the age of 18, and because a friend from high school told me that maybe they would catch me in their chorus. I went to try it out, and… Haendel’s Alleluia sounded, it was love at first listen, I was amazed by those voices and those harmonies that were intertwined hypnotizing me.

As a good stubborn, I insisted on studying singing, I convinced my parents that until that moment they had only sung for Perales … (What a shock!!) I traveled to Madrid and met Toñi Rosado, a teacher who prepared me to enter the Escuela de Canto de Madrid, and this period… I don’t even want to remember it. To something else…

I returned to Granada in defeat, but I immediately met a great colleague who took me to what I consider my Master. I entered the choir in Valencia, settled down there and most importantly started to be happy with my life and with music. Soon after I started singing as a soloist, and in 2002 I met the person who would change my life Alberto Zedda, who introduced me to the second most important Giacchino Rossini. From that moment on, an international “Rossini” career was precipitated, which has led me to fulfill almost all my professional dreams…

From singing “Bolos” in the Valencian Community, I went in 4 short years to debut at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, along the way, Teatro Real in Madrid, Teatro del Liceo in Barcelona, Deutsche Oper in Berlin, Semper Oper in Dresden, Reggio Di Parma, Massimo in Palermo, Rossini Opera Festival, Teâtre Chatelet and Champs Elysees in Paris, Teather An der Wien , and many other wonderful theaters. I have had the honor of singing with the best singers in the world (Flórez, Garança, Antonacci, Fleming, Bronwlee, Podles, Blake, Di Donato….etc), and with extraordinary conductors (Zedda, Lopez-Cobos, Spinosi, Rousset, Pons, Frizza, Allemandi, Scimone..).

And among all this I have recorded several operas and two albums, which are like my own children; Tango Mano a mano and Operazza. I have written and co-directed: Barrockeros, Óperame, Los Divinos, El hombre que se llamaba Amadeus, Concierto para Zapata and orchestra…. Come on, a NO STOP!! During these last 20 years I have been leaving bits and pieces of
soul in every one of these theaters and with every one of those companions. I hope to continue doing so for many more years to come. The future? Lots and lots of good music




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